Eat Chic Matcha White Chocolate Cashew Butter Cups

Eat Chic Matcha White Chocolate Cashew Butter Cups

The flavor of your favorite matcha latte.

These chocolate cups get their vibrant green color from antioxidant-rich matcha powder. We use lightly sweetened vegan white chocolate and freshly made cashew butter to highlight the slightly grassy, sweet notes of our premium grade organic matcha by Matchaful.

Our ingredients with integrity:

Organic Vegan Matcha White Chocolate (organic cacao butter, organic cane sugar, organic coconut, organic matcha powder by Matchaful, sea salt, organic sunflower lecithin); Organic Vanilla Cashew Butter (organic dry-roasted cashews, organic powdered sugar, organic brown sugar, pink Himalayan salt, organic vanilla bean)


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